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Do You Ever Wonder Why?

June 28, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride

Do you ever wonder why certain things keep happening to you? Are you in a cycle of repetition?

Some of my clients and friends see the same things happen to them again and again and again. If you talk to them about it, a lot of times they’ll say, “It’s bad luck,” or, “This is just what happens to me,” as if the universe has destined a certain outcome or certain events to happen to them and only them. However, I think things are a little more complex than that. I don’t think certain people have been picked to be beat up by the world or to have certain events happen to them again and again and again. We are the products of our actions.

Now, sometimes the things that cause the actions and reactions can be very subtle. We may not realize what we’re doing. We may be doing little things and putting energy out there, or allowing people to treat us a certain way. If we’re not careful about how that works, we’ll keep seeing the same outcomes again and again and again.

The key is, if you keep seeing an outcome happening in your world, good or bad, you need to trace back. Why is this happening to you? What is causing this? What is driving this event? Once you understand the cause, you can work backward and determine how to either change that cause or if the outcome is positive, how to have more of that cause. The key is to understand things are not random. There are not certain people who have been picked out by the world to be beat up or to be put in bad situations. You’re causing it. Your actions are causing it. If it’s happening more than once or twice, that’s more than an isolated incident. If you see a pattern, then there’s probably some behavior or action on your part involved.

Think about it. Think about how to adjust and change, and think about how to move forward to create even more value in the world. What’s your experience? Have you had certain events keep recurring to you? What have you done to break the cycle and to keep things moving forward? Join us in the comments below and let us know your thoughts and experience.

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