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R. Shawn McBride



R. Shawn McBride works with business owners that want to lay the foundation first and get their business going in the right direction or assess where they are and set the stage for a brighter future for their business. His goal is to educate his clients so that they understand the situation and can make sound decisions on all matters affecting their business.

As founder and Managing Member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Office, P.L.L.C., he has guided the firm to be business focused – after all Shawn was exposed to the business world completing college degrees in Accounting and Business Administration (concentration: Finance) and passing the CPA exam prior to advising his first legal client.

The Firm’s mission is to protect business owners. Shawn is commonly involved, at some level or another, in most Firm client matters, which usually includes protecting business owners in some way, shape or form. It might include looking at buy-sell arrangements for a client that owns part of a business to protect their long-term wealth. Or it might include helping a company successfully bring in investors.

While the Firm has expanded, so have Shawn’s qualifications to practice law. He is currently licensed to practice law in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

When not working on client matters, Shawn oversees daily operations, business development, and client management for the entire Firm. He also heads the Dallas office and has managerial and administrative responsibility over that office.

Shawn is also the Chief Innovation Officer at McBride For Business, LLC, where he works with clients on getting their businesses strengthened to maximize their wealth over time.
You may read more about Shawn at www.mcbrideattorneys.com.

Personal Interests: Travel, Education, Speaking, Reading, Antique Cars, Museums, Sports, Mountains and Beaches