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R. Shawn McBride (please read as written)

R. Shawn McBride travels spreading the message that planning doesn't have to be boring and can be done effectively for great results. Let go of your notions that planning is overwhelming and know it can be done for great results. And teams can be an effective part of every great plan. We can all do more together than alone.

As founder and operator of both The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC and McBride For Business, LLC he is business focused – after all Shawn was exposed to the business world completing college degrees in Accounting and Business Administration (concentration: Finance) and passing the CPA exam prior to advising his first legal client.

Shawn has built his business and helped countless others in helping them grow their businesses.

From speaking at TEDx, to keynoting at national conferences, to delivering corporate training or working one-on-one with business owners his message is always about effective planning – laying the foundation first and then effectively implementing plans. And our empowerment – and the empowerment of those around us – is the key to success.

You can see details about Shawn's background at: http://www.yourbusinessspeaker.com/about/

Personal Interests: Travel, Education, Speaking, Reading, Antique Cars, Museums, Sports, Mountains and Beaches