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The 3 Laws of Empowerment: allow your employees to grow – and grow your company. What a simple concept that each one of us can be empowered in the decisions and lives we choose to make.

The 3 Laws of Empowerment for High Growth Companies empowers employees to focus their energy, identify areas of weakness and provide specific tools and resources to follow through on their career and life goals. The 3 Laws offers insight into creating a good foundation for success, efficient career development and becoming more productive and obtaining goals.

The 3 Laws oft Empowerment for High Growth Companies is specifically tailored to the needs of companies that believe hat engaged employees who are growing in their careers leads to better outcomes and profits. Specifically, engaged employees working on specific personal and career goals create better outcomes for their employers.

The 3 Laws are: The Law of Preparation, The Law of Planning and The Law of Protection.

The presentation focuses on these elements and how the implementation of this system will create a better workplace for all related parties.


There is a recent phenomenon in history: each person gets to choose what they do with their waking hours. Employees get to choose where to work, and what they do – they are empowered to make decisions that will shape their lives. Your employees have chosen to work for you and you should want to create an environment where engaged employees chose to return and do more for you.

The Law of Preparation is about preparing employees for greatness. An employee that feels like they are on a mission will do more for themselves and your company.

In order for employees to be engaged in their careers they must have a mission of passion and goals that truly represent what they want to in life. In this age of instant gratification and so many customizable choices – the successful are willing to do the hard work needed to move in the right direction.

When an employee feels like they are building a brand and doing something meaningful they will be more engaged and do more for their company. Employees who are encouraged and doing what they love become more and more engaged in it. You cannot fake engagement and you cannot get fully engaged in something that you do not care about.

The Law of Preparation will help establish a good managerial style, a solid organizational foundation, efficient systems and realistic goals that will result in engaged team members who are empowered. There are a few principles that underlay the Law of Preparation.


Employees must choose to empower themselves. When it comes to launching innovative technologies, and creating sales growth and expansion; employees must focus on a goal. If it is a personal or career goal of the employee that they fully embrace the chances of success drastically increase.


As a company grows, key managers must delegate effectively as more skilled employees are added. A good manager will delegate tasks that they are not great at or not in their core function area. By focusing on empowerment and goals, managers can make better decisions and focus. The highest value added work for a particular manager may not be clerical details or administrative tasks yet, by using the right set of employees, you can delegate those tasks which frees up managers to continue to develop the business and create more economic value.


As employees rise to the challenges involved in growth they are more engaged. As new opportunities present themselves, employees who are focused and empowered are better able to attract the right clients and customers.


Empowerment takes time. Time to build the basic skills needed to grow and gain empowerment. The 3 Laws of Empowerment reinforces this journey for employees.


It is important for employees to understand and reflect on the actions taken to accumulate knowledge and power. By understanding, The 3 Laws of Empowerment, employees will develop knowledge and power intentionally. Intentional planning, involves looking at the process again and again. For example: Where is the employee at in the process? Is the employee in the preparation stage?

The more knowledge and power that an employee accumulates and the more they work through the 3 Laws of Empowerment, the more opportunities will present themselves. As employees start executing on the 3 Laws of Empowerment and begin to show clients and customers that they have the knowledge, ability, power, connections and experience. Opportunities will naturally present themselves and they further gain knowledge and power.


If there is no diversity of thought, often the result is “Group Think”. If everyone is passionate about moving in one direction, the team could miss out or fail to acknowledge other opportunities. Therefore, there must be a diversity of talent with varied people that have different talents in the organization. From a global perspective, a diverse environment can better achieve long-term strategic goals.


Employees that are working on an intentional plan that benefits them will do more.


One of the first steps to more engaged employees is to have them build career plans they believe in. If the employee feels like they are achieving something they will work harder, deal better with problems and stay more focused on the outcome.


There is a concept in planning called the critical path. The items on the critical path are important to getting a plan finalized on a set timeline. The Law of Planning will get employees focused on what is critical to achieving their career goals.


Part of any plan should incorporate other people who want to make the plan work. All key employees job functions must be coordinated and aligned into the overall plan. Sometimes the right plan is as simple as hiring the right people to help achieve a goal.

When you implement a coordinated effort for communicating employee goals and objectives in the form of plans, you will find that just, mere communication will lead to new discoveries. You may end up in discussions with key employees to re-evaluate if they are going in the right direction and what the wrong directions are and how the future should look.


Employees should feel they are doing great work that benefits them and their employer. And that their contributions are recognized and protected. Who wants to work hard for something that isn’t recognized?


The accomplishments that were attained through preparation and planning add value to an employee’s career and the employer. Systems can be implemented to make sure everyone recognizes this win/win situation.


Part of the path of empowerment is negotiating. The 3 Laws of Empowerment recognize this fundamental concept and focuses on win/win, open-style negotiation discussions rather than divisive winner take all tactics. The best-case scenario is to create negotiation situations where everyone is winning.

There should be a net positive. Each person should take the time to understand the other party’s side because that may expose new ways of trade and areas of potential development to benefit everyone.

Employees will be encouraged to recognize the company’s value drivers and why they are important in building goals that create more value for all and a win/win situation.


Empowerment grows with time. It is important to periodically revisit the 3 Laws of Empowerment to get the best results.


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